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  • Identifies and explains safety concepts and rules

  • Follows directions in physical activities without reminders

  • Demonstrates positive social interaction during cooperative activities

  • Participates in a wide variety of activities that involve locomotion, non-locomotion, and the manipulation of various objects               

  • Travels, changes speeds and directions in response to a variety of rhythms

  • Demonstrates fundamental motor skills and movement concepts

  • Demonstrates an understanding of the basic concepts of fair play & positive sportsmanship


  • Demonstrates knowledge of the structure and function of the ear and eye and can recognize eye and ear disorders

  • Recognizes positive ways of expressing emotions

  • Incorporates personal health and hygiene into daily life

  • Recognizes practices of disease prevention

  • Identifies health professionals within the community

  • Demonstrates knowledge of healthful nutritional choices

  • Demonstrates knowledge of general safety

  • Recognizes and differentiates between drug use, misuse and abuse

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