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The 3VCSD English Language Arts (ELA) Curriculum is constructed with the newly revised  NYS P-12 Next Generation Learning Standards (2017) as its foundation. It is a rigorous, comprehensive, high quality set of goals and objectives that inform our instructional processes and practices to support high levels of learning, thinking, and doing for our students.

Basic literacy skills are no longer sufficient to support the new demands for what it means to be literate in today’s knowledge-based economy and information age. Reading and writing--both language based competencies—have become prerequisites for participation in nearly every aspect of day-to-day 21st century life.

Today’s students need to develop an increasingly complex set of literacy skills and competencies in order to access social and economic opportunities. In order to be academically and personally successful in today’s literacy- and knowledge-based society and economy, every student needs to develop advanced literacies. Along with demographic shifts in the population, the changing expectations for literacy achievement provided the driving force and context for the revision of the ELA Standards.

Advanced literacies denotes a set of skills and competencies that enable communication, spoken and written, in increasingly diverse ways with increasingly diverse audiences and also promote the understanding and use of text for a variety of purposes.

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