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Curriculum & Instruction

The Three Village Elementary Curriculum is a blueprint for instruction grounded in a set of commonly held beliefs about the role of the curriculum in the educational process. The curriculum outlines a basic framework for the content of a program while instruction involves the decisions made by our professional teaching faculty for the delivery of that content.

What is Curriculum?
What is Instruction?

The term “curriculum” refers to:

  • lessons and academic in a program;

  • knowledge, procedural skills, and dispositions that students are expected to learn;

  •  learning standards or learning objectives that students are expected to meet.

The term “instruction” refers to:

  • units and lessons that teachers design;

  • assignments and projects given to students;

  • books, materials, videos, presentations, and readings used in a course;

  • assessments  and other methods used to evaluate student learning. 

Curriculum and Instruction

are closely related and the term "curriculum" is often used comprehensively to encompass both curriculum content and instructional practices.

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