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  • Identifies, explains, and demonstrates safety concepts and rules

  • Incorporates spatial and body awareness skills in activities and games

  • Develops basic offensive and defensive concepts

  • Moves in a variety of ways, in relation to a partner, either with or without a piece of equipment

  • Develops concepts of  physical fitness

  • Demonstrates proficiency in activities that involve locomotion and non-locomotion movement

  • Develops an understanding of the health benefits of regular physical activity

  • Demonstrates an understanding of concepts of fair play and positive sportsmanship


  • Demonstrates knowledge of safety at home and away from home

  • Explores the concept of body systems

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the muscular and skeletal systems

  • Recognizes ways of expressing feelings which promotes positive mental and emotional health

  • Demonstrates understanding of good nutrition as it relates to the MyPlate

  • Recognizes ways of controlling the transmission of germs

  • Identifies differences in families and recognizes components that contribute to healthy relationships within a family and with friends

  • Describes a community and the ways established for maintaining good health

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