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  • Identifies safety concerns and maintains a safe environment

  • Identifies and sets attainable goals related to physical education

  • Recognizes fundamental components and strategies used in low organizational games and activities

  • Participates regularly in physical activities to promote physical fitness and wellness

  • Demonstrates proficiency in a variety of locomotion and non-locomotion movements and manipulation of various objects

  • Participates in team and individual sports to enhance skillful performance

  • Demonstrates positive sportsmanship and an understanding of conflict resolution strategies


  • Recognizes attitudes that contribute to positive self-esteem and overall mental health

  • Identifies safety practices for general and personal well-being

  • Defines problems related to the use of tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine           

  • Incorporates personal health habits that contribute to a healthful life style and recognizes healthful nutritional choices

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the digestive system and nervous systems

  • Recognizes ways to prevent problems associated with the digestive system and communicable diseases

  • Develops an understanding of  human cells and the  growth and development of body systems

  • Identifies environmental issues and behaviors which contribute to health

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