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  • Identifies safety concerns, maintains a safe environment and sets personal goals related to physical education

  • Recognizes opportunities in school and in the community for regular participation in physical activities

  • Recognizes concepts and strategies in team games and activities

  • Demonstrates activities designed to improve and maintain muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and cardio respiratory function                       

  • Participates with and shows respect for persons of similar and different skill levels

  • Demonstrates positive sportsmanship and conflict resolution strategies


  • Develops an understanding of the structure and function of the respiratory system

  • Identifies the effects of drugs on body systems and elements of peer pressure which may lead to drug use

  • Recognizes ways to positively respond to peer pressure using refusal skills

  • Demonstrates knowledge of healthful eating

  • Identifies community helpers and environmental issues

  • Demonstrates knowledge of safety and first aid practices for respiratory distress

  • Recognizes ways to prevent the spread of communicable diseases

  • Identifies practices which promote positive mental and emotional health

  • Incorporates positive health practices in the understanding of menstrual hygiene (female)        

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