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  • Identifies safety concerns and maintains a safe environment

  • Identifies and sets long and short term goals

  • Demonstrates an understanding of concepts and strategies related to sports specific activities

  • Recognizes that time and effort are prerequisites for skill improvement and fitness benefits

  • Demonstrates critical thinking skills while participating in cooperative learning activities

  • Accepts and respects the decisions made by game officials whether they are students, teachers, or officials outside of the school

  • Demonstrates positive sportsmanship and conflict resolution strategies


  • Develops an understanding of the structure and function of the circulatory and reproductive systems

  • Identifies effects of drugs on the body systems and elements of peer pressures that may lead to drug use

  • Identifies and demonstrates knowledge of healthful eating

  • Recognizes ways to prevent the spread of communicable diseases

  • Identifies the interrelationship of mental, emotional, physical and social health using the health triangle

  • Demonstrates an understanding of body changes and hygiene practices associated with puberty

  • Identifies school and community resources which support mental, emotional and physical health

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