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DOMAIN 1: Approaches to Learning

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The skills outlined by these learning standards emphasize metacognitive thinking and are the result of the overall learning environment and culture, interactions, language and instructional practices within classrooms. Teachers support these skill areas by ensuring a classroom environment that fosters risk-taking, imaginative thinking, language production, idea generation, collaboration, etc. Teachers plan responsive activities and projects that create opportunities for children to practice and be supported by adults on these skills, regardless of the content being taught.

Play and Engagement in Learning

PK.AL.1 Actively engages in play as a means of exploration and learning 


PK.AL.2 Actively engages in problem solving 

Curiosity and Initiative

PK.AL.4. Exhibits curiosity, interest, and willingness to learn new things and have new experiences by actively exploring and investigating areas of interest.

Creativity and Imagination

PK.AL.3. Approaches tasks and problems with creativity, imagination and/or willingness to try new experiences


PK.AL.5. Demonstrates persistence by maintaining focus on a task and seeking assistance when necessary.

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