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DOMAIN 2: Physical Development and Health

Domain 2 Physical Dev.png

Physical Development

PK.PDH.1. Uses senses to assist and guide learning 

PK.PDH.2. Uses sensory information to plan and carry out movements

PK.PDH.3. Demonstrates coordination and control of large muscles

PK.PDH.4. Combines a sequence of large motor skills with and without the use of equipment 

PK.PDH.5. Demonstrates eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills 

Physical Health and Well Being

PK.PDH.7. Demonstrates growing independence in using personal hygiene skills (e.g., washing hands, brushing teeth, toileting, etc.)


PK.PDH.8. Demonstrates awareness and understanding of healthy habits such as the importance of good nutrition, water, rest and sleep. 

Physical Fitness


PK.PDH.6. Engages in a variety of physical fitness activities such as

marching, hopping, running, jumping, dancing for increasingly longer periods of time as skill and endurance develops 

Physical Safety

PK.PDH.9. Demonstrates awareness and understanding of safety rules such holding an adult’s hand when walking on sidewalks or near a street)

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