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DOMAIN 3: Social and Emotional Learning

Domain 3 SEL.png

Self Awareness and Self Management Skills

PK.SEL.1. Regulates responses to needs, feelings and events by expressing them in a way that is appropriate to the situation 

PK.SEL.2. Recognizes self as an individual having unique abilities, characteristics, feelings and interests

Decision Making Skills

PK.SEL.6.  Understands, follows and easily engages in routines and rules


Social Awareness and Relationships

PK.SEL.3. Demonstrates, interacts with, seeks guidance and continues to develop positive relationships with signifcant adults (primary caregivers, teachers, and other familiar adults)

PK.SEL.4. Develops positive relationships with their peers  PK.SEL.5. Demonstrates pro-social problem-solving skills in social interactions 


PK.SEL.7.   Adapts to change; easily separates from parent or caregiver and transitions with minimal support. 


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