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The 3VCSD elementary curriculum provides a strong educational foundation that places our students on a firm trajectory toward post-secondary success in the workplace and/or institutions of higher education. This standards-based curriculum is a set of student goals and objectives designed to use a spiraling curriculum, reinforcing knowledge and skills learned as students progress from one grade level to the next.


The 3VCSD proposes that learning goals and objectives:

  1. Connect to the lives of the students it serves;

  2. Prepare students to make sense of the world in which they live and work;

  3. Contribute to the development of the total student faced with a rapidly developing, high-tech world.

The fundamental goals of the district are that the district’s curriculum and instructional programs shall enable students to be:

Self Directed Learners

who commit to the process of learning, formulate positive core values in order to create a vision for their future, set priorities, and goals, create options, take responsibility for pursuing these goals and monitor, and evaluate their progress.
“What knowledge and skills are worthwhile learning? What are the goals of education?"
Paulo Freire
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