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  First Grade    

Individual Development and Cultural Identity


Language, beliefs, customs, and traditions help shape the identity and culture of a family and a community.

There are significant individuals, historical events, and symbols that are important to American cultural identity.

Civic Ideals and Practices

A citizen is a member of a community or group. Students are citizens of their local and global communities.

People create governments in order to create peace and establish order.


Laws are created to protect the rights and define the responsibilities of individuals and groups.

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Geography, Humans, and the Environment

The location and place of physical features and man-made structures can be described and interpreted by using symbols and geographic vocabulary.

People and communities depend on and modify their physical environment in order to meet basic needs.

Time, Continuity, and Change


Families have a past and change over time. There are different types of documents that relate family histories.

Historical sources reveal information about how life in the past differs from the present.

Economic Systems

People have many economic wants and needs, but limited resources with which to obtain them.

People make economic choices as producers and consumers of goods and services.

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